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01  If it's too hot or cold for you...

If it's too hot or cold for you then it is for your instrument. A case is the best place to leave your instrument in when you're not playing it. Don't leave it in your car for long periods of time. Also, make sure to use a humidifier in the late fall and winter months so the wood does not shrink from being too dry. 

02    Buying a guitar online...

It sure is great to click a button and have a guitar show up at your door! Who doesn't like getting packages? But, the best way is to buy an instrument is to buy the one you play at the store. Remember that it is made of natural materials like "wood" that is very unique to each piece. They can sound and play very different from guitar to guitar even if it's the same model. Plus, we have trained techs on site to make adjustments before you leave or after you play it for a bit.

03  Change your strings

So, your strings are not broken so they're still good right? Well. actually you should change your strings at least every two months. They spoil just like food. Ever notice the special package they come in? It's designed to keep them air tight and fresh till you decide to use them. Once the air and the oils from your hands touch the strings the strings begin to age and also stretch. Have you noticed your guitar won't stay in tune lately? Time for a string change.

04  Keep trying

Playing music is not easy. Take your time and be patient with yourself. Don't forget to enjoy each moment. It's suppose to be fun. Ask for advice and become part of your local music community. It's a wonderful world to live in. 

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