Covid Lesson Protocol

Covid Lesson Protocol

Dear Parents and Students,

We ask if you or your child have been in close contact or have become Covid Positive, to please stay home and contact your instructor to have your lesson(s) on Zoom. All our lesson rooms have been equipped with medical grade air filtration machines.

Close Contact

-If you have been in close contact and not vaccinated, we ask you to stay home for one lesson week or 10 days from date of contact or show a negative test result 4 days from contact.

-If you don't show signs of covid and are vaccinated we ask you to to stay home 1 lesson week or 5 days from your contact date. After you may contact your instructor and proceed.


Covid Positive

-If you are covid positive and not vaccinated we ask you stay out a minimum of 1 lesson or  7 days from your positive date. If you are vaccinated and covid positive we also ask you to stay home a minimum of 1 lesson or 7 days from your positive date. Your lesson(s) can be conducted on Zoom.


We Thank You

This is for the safety of our staff and our students. We want to be able to continue in store lessons and offer the safest environment for all students. As many of you know, our teachers are terrific online and have now over a year of experience on teaching online exclusively. 


Thank You!

You may click the  Guidelines button below for more information.

E.L. Music Staff